Amherst Eagles donate money to help police with crime fighting technology 

The Amherst Police Department would like to announce and promote our latest technology used to seek out suspects hiding in the dark of night. With a generous donation from the Amherst Eagles F.O.E 1442, the Amherst Police Department recently outfitted a new 2013 Chevy Tahoe 4x4 with upgraded lighting and technology to help officers seek out suspects.

The donated funds from the Amherst Eagles went toward the purchase of a Nighttime Optical Thermal Imaging Camera (NOPTIC). Thermal imaging technology is not new. It has been mounted on the bottom of military and police helicopters for years to differentiate thermal heat, or hot spots, from their surrounding areas. However, it is expensive technology and usually acquired by much larger police agencies. In the hands of smaller and medium sized police agencies, this technology is considered a luxury.   NOPTIC has developed a thermal camera which is mounted on the spotlight of police vehicles.

According to the NOPTIC Company and their local distributor, Pannin Technologies, no other law enforcement agency in Ohio has this technology available to their patrol officers, making the officers of the Amherst Police Department and the residents of the City of Amherst the first in Ohio to benefit from this technology, again, thanks to the donation from the Amherst Eagles.

In the hands of trained patrol officers, the NOPTIC system will allow for greater efficiency at night and give that officer the ability to investigate suspicious circumstances that they normally could have just driven right by. Often times, suspects drive to or get dropped off in neighborhoods or businesses and go out on foot to commit their crimes. The City of Amherst certainly has had its share of car break-ins, residential burglaries, thefts of catalytic converters from car dealership lots, and similar crimes committed under cover of darkness.

Giving the officer the ability to see the heat signature of vehicles that have been recently parked in unusual areas or noticing people in between houses or in a car lot after normal hours, will give rise for further investigation of those circumstances.

Other uses of the NOPTIC system are;

  • Searching      for lost children or senior citizens who have wandered away from home.
  • Identifying      recently operated vehicles that may be parked in suspicious locations.      such as car dealership parking lots in early morning hours.
  • Recovery      of spent shell casings or firearms that were used and thrown on the side      of the roadway.
  • Finding      or identifying fire hot spots in business/residential structures before      they are known.
  • Accident      investigations to determine or find skid marks where a skidding tire on      the pavement leaves behind a heat signature.

Among other technology outfitted on the Tahoe are two forward-looking 4000 lumens LED scene lights that are capable of lighting up the neighborhood for the officer. These lights are almost twice as bright as the HID white headlights found on higher-end vehicles.

The standard vehicle spotlight was upgraded to a new 1800 lumen LED spotlight giving the officer the ability to direct a very bright white light in any direction.

The handheld flashlight was also upgraded to a 504 lumen white LED light and replaced the older spotlight which only had an output of 240 lumens. This will give the officer a much brighter light when he has to leave the vehicle.

With the help of the Amherst Eagles donation, this vehicle was outfitted with equipment to perform best on the nightshift, and with the 4-wheel drive, it is capable of traveling where two wheel drive police vehicles have difficulty or cannot travel.

The Amherst Police department is excited to be the first in Ohio to acquire this technology to protect and assist the citizens of Amherst.

With the Mutual Aid agreements that all police agencies have in Lorain County, other agencies were notified of the capabilities of the NOPTIC system and that we will assist with the apprehension of high-level felony suspects, missing persons such as elderly and juveniles and any situation where a law enforcement officer is injured and the suspect(s) are being sought on foot.

 ***The Amherst Police Department invites the media to see demo video showing this technology and get a demonstration of the vehicle on July 23, 2013 at 10:00 AM

Once again, thank you to the Amherst Eagles for your generous donation and continued support. The citizens of Amherst will certainly benefit from this technology.

Thank you,

Chief Joseph Kucirek

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